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CXT TRAINING PROGRAMS Below you could see our current training programs. Every single program is complete in itself and could be trained independently.  But you will find out quickly, that there is a big synergy effect between all these programs and they fit perfectly together. This is the basic idea of the whole CXT structure - to have a modular system where you could train part for part and link them to the “big picture” as you progress more and more.
Beta 8 is a modern training method found by Richard Grannon. BETA 8 is not a new style but more a purposeful training methodology, which teach a student to develop the essential skill sets he needs for an efficient self protection. Nucleus of Beta-8 is the "Core Game Plan". This is a highly effective and hard-line self protection concept, which brings some kind of "strucutre" into the chaos of a real fight.
CORE 24 is our basic “hardcore” Self Protection program - the CORE, and it’s divided in 24 lessons for 24 hours of training. Main elements in this course are:   The Pre-Fight / The Core Fight Plan and the ICT-rule / Applications and techniques for the real world /  improvised weapons / Legal aspects / Ground defense situations / Behavior before and after the fight
To apply the boxing techniques from the Filipino Boxing version Panantukan is an essential part in our training. This course is focused on this training area.In the Filipino Boxing you will also apply weapons techniques like the Figure 8 concept with empty hands. Street Boxing also contains elements as Knees & Elbows and Clinchwork – this tool combination makes it highly effective for Self Proction in a real confrontation.
As a real fight is never a fair thing, it could be helpful to have a legal weapon in your arsenal to support you. In our CXT we use a lot of impact tools like palm sticks / kubotans and others for that purpose - the reasons are simple: You could easily carry them around, there are a lot of "improvised" weapons available to use as impact weapons and all empty hand concepts and techniques could be applied with a palm stick as well.
G.R.I.P. is our clinchwork training program. In a real fight, the clinch range is very common and it’s our favorite combat range. Grappling is a very natrual and instinctive behaviour, and if your develop your fighting abilities in this range with some specific training methods, you could develop a highly efficient infight method. A good clinchwork is a perfect complement to the Street Boxing course.
The Filipino Martial Arts are an essential part of our training. But we don´t train in one specific traditional style - we train a solid base and use some of their highly effective training methods and adapt them for our use. In our CXT training we used training methods from the Filipino Martial Arts like Sinawali – Double Sticks, Largo Mano, Sumbrada, Hubad, Tapi Tapi, Panantukan, Pananjakman, Dumog and others.