My name is Heiko Hahn.

I´m studying martial arts and self defense from different

styles and systems since about 30 years. I started at an

age of 5 with traditional styles, but as I was getting older,

my interests transfer to the more "reality based" systems.

On my journey through the different arts, I become an

instructor for Jeet Kune Do Concepts an Filipino Martial

Arts under Paul Vunak. After that experience, I continued

my research in the field of RBSD and I met a lot of

interesting people and teachers out there, and there were

a lot of usefuls things to learn from them. The one who had

the most influence on my actual training is Richard

Grannon. I´m an instructor for his Beta-8 Combative

Syllabus. A lot of his stuff is integrated in my own training


The focus in my training is on "What will work in real

fight?". I´m looking for techniques, concepts and tactics

under the aspects effectiveness, functionality, applicability

and learnability. I´m also looking for the synergy effects

between the different arts and training methods.

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BIO:  Founder CXT Beta-8 Combatives Practitioner Instructor under Mike Griffin for GriffinGrip / Kuba Kickz / Pepperstrike Member of ISDS - Intrepid Self Defense Systems Instructor JKD Concepts / Instructor Filipino Martial Arts